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Milf Next Door Review

Milf Next Door offers one really satisfying collection of mostly lesbian videos starring mums. The word MILF might mislead you a bit, as the majority of the babes in these movies are from their late 20s to their early 40s.

They’re mums anyway, which makes them MILF. All the ladies starring in these videos are bored housewives who look for some company in some of their girlfriends. The encounter always leads to sex, and even if there aren’t many cocks involved in the action, there is always a lot of licking, moaning and a lot of toys.

Milf Next Door Review (Updated 2016)

milf-next-door review


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Milf Next Door offers 248+ movies, with the latest ones available in an amazing full HD format. All of them are available to be streamed or download in different formats though: MP4 (1920×1080; 9587k), MP4 (1024×576; 3305k; streaming), Windows (768×432; 1500k; streaming), Windows (768×432; 1500k). Every video has a 220 pictures set available, to enjoy the best scenes in a still frame. You can look at them directly online, or download the entire set in a .zip file, to enjoy a high resolution.

Quick note from the reviewer: some of our users pointed out that we should promote Naughty America on this page because of the awesome MILF-like sites they have in their network. Since we agree with that, we’ve decided to refer our users to this site: for a complete review of the Naughty America network. So give them a try and let us know what you think.

To be able to access all these contents, though, you will need to subscribe for a membership. There are different possibilities available: 24.95$ for a month subscription, or just 7.95$ / month, if you choose a year subscription. There is also a 2 days trial period available for just 1$.

Once a member of Milf Next Door, you will be able to enjoy all the hot chicks this page has for you. You can watch Adriana, catching up at the restaurant with a girl friend, before going to her place. Short time goes by before all their clothes come off and a serious ass licking starts . Right after that a nice dildo find its way inside the lady’s ass. Another scenario you might run into shows Kristen and Natalie visiting a girlfriend in her house. A little bit of alcohol, and two dildos found behind the bench, and the hot pussies get stuffed in no time.

Some video take place in the open air, starting from a gym session on the beach for example, but they mostly end up inside, where the hotties have everything they need, as they don’t have a cock to be filled with.

Milf Next Door has plenty of material to keep you entertained and satisfied, but keep in mind that it’s also part of the Royal Kings Network, and a membership will allow you to get access to the 38 sites of the group and to stream and download all their contents. You will be able to choose between younger chicks on Teens Love Huge Cocks, or Latinas picked up in the streets on 8th Street Latinas, or Hotties having their asses pounded on board of amazing boats on Captain Stabbin. There is something for any kind of taste, and whatever you like the most, you will find it. Just remember there is a 10gb limit on the daily download, and you will be all sorted.

Mikes Apartment Review

Mike is offering a room for rent. A lot of hot chicks end up ringing at his door and apply for the room. He very nicely shows the girl his place and then asks for an outrageous price for it. The hottie is of course broke and gets offered to pay for the night with a hand job or by touching herself. No need to say that thing get carried away and after hard core scenes all around the apartment, a nice money shot hits the girl and closes the movie.

Mike’s Apartment Review (Updated 2016)

mikes-apartment reviews

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Mikes Apartment states that the videos are all secret and shot with random girls, but it’s pretty obvious how some of them are total pro. The videos are shot with all eastern european girls, mostly Hungarian, but Czech, Russian and Dutch babes are frequently present. MikesApartment has more than 680 videos to keep you entertained and the site gets updated frequently, so you won’t run out of material very often.

All the 30 min long videos can be streamed or downloaded and there are a lot of different quality formats you can choose from: MP4 (1920×1080; 9587k), MP4 (1024×576; 3305k; streaming), Windows (768×432; 1500k), Windows (768×432; 1500k; streaming). The oldest videos are in lower quality, but you will be stoked to see how good is the HD quality, which comes with all the new uploaded videos. With every movie comes a collection of 300 pictures which will allow you to enjoy all the best scenes directly from the website, or downloading a .zip file with the entire set in high quality.

A membership is required if you want to have a look at these awesome materials. You can choose between a monthly subscription at 24.95$ or a year long one, with a monthly payment of 7.95$. A 2 days trial is available for 1$.

Once on Mikes Apartment, you can choose between the advertised video, presented with a big screenshot, a detailed description, length and number of pictures available. Under the big preview there is a list of videos screenshot which will link you directly to the HD video. If you prefer choosing the gal who’s gonna star in the movie, you can choose among the MikesApartment girls, page which you can reach from the link at the top of the page.

You can find Regina for example, who, trying to save every buck, happily accepted when the guy told her the astronomic price for a weekend stay. After taking her knickers off in a second, she starts sucking and talking dirty, before being fucked hard in the ass and suck every single drop of cum to repay the chance to sleep under a roof.

This and much more on Mikes Apartment, which, being part of the Royal Kings Network, grants you access to all the 38 sites of the group, so to satisfy every nasty little desire you might have, with the hottest babes, ready to suck, lick and get fucked till they have no strength left. Just remember there is a daily limit of 10gb for download, but I’m sure that this won’t let you without enough material.